Getting Rid of Stuff and Stepping in Faith

To become “full-time” RVers, you need to get rid of stuff.  Anything that will not fit in your new home, needs to go.  You need to remind yourself, it’s only stuff.  Donate, Giveaway, Sell and give more away.  It feels real good to help someone out when they are in need.  Unless you have an heirloom that is irreplaceable,  it is easy to de-clutter.  It’s actually refreshing and rewarding.  This procedure is time consuming and took us a long time to do, but in the end it actually releases you from the stress of having to take care of stuff.

Then, making sure we were doing what God wanted us to do was extremely important to us.  But everything fell into place for us and as of May 1, 2018 we will be considered Full-Time RVers.  After talking about it for 30+ years, we are doing it.  I remember when we got married almost 32 years ago saying, “maybe someday”.  Well, here we are.  Our dream is becoming a reality.

9 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Stuff and Stepping in Faith

  1. How exciting!! Can’t wait to see where the next 30 years brings you!! 💜 I’ll be here following your blog all along the way!! Proud of you for starting this!! 💜


  2. It’s funny because Codie and I just found ourselves discussing this same lifestyle! Of course, you will always be my neighbors in my heart. I will miss you!


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