The Push

Well, we’re back home in Michigan and have one month to pack up and pull out.  Looking forward to visiting friends and family before we leave and get settled into our new home.  Our kids have been a great help with going through things and deciding where to get rid of them.

I will be watching grandchild #5 for this summer and I am looking forward to her little personality.  Avery, you and Nana will be having a great time this summer.  Papa will wait until you get older to watch you.  Ha Ha Ha!  Avery is growing fast already and is very healthy.  She is such a good baby.

Even though we will miss the beauty of the white stuff in the winter, we are looking forward to being somewhere warmer for winter time.  We will keep you posted as time goes on.  We will share our experiences with you a couple times a week if not more.

Well, need to get some rest from our trip back to Michigan and will share more information later.  Good night everyone.  Remember, Jesus loves you.

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