Introductions in Order

Grandkids.jpg  We are so blessed every day hearing the little voices of these fun-filled, busy-bodies.  In the back row with Papa you have our girls, Avery, Miley and Thea and in the front row with Nana you have our boys, Ezra, Jayden and Levi.  I’m tellin’ ya, if Nana doesn’t loose 25 lbs. by the end of summer, she will never loose it. LOL!!!

Today was nap day for Nana!  I was so exhausted for some reason, can’t figure it out. Ha, ha, ha, ha!  It’s gotta be from walking against the ND winds all the time, absolutely nothing to do with running after 4 very active kids.   Four very different personalities and so hard to please them all, even though I try really hard.  Tractor rides, three wheeler rides, dirt bike rides, walks, playing in the dirt and shopping for special prizes for night-time game (who can fall asleep first).  Can’t ask for a better child’s life.  Now we need to get them all fishing poles and go fishing.

The greatest heart-warming gift is a little voice saying, “Nana, I love you” or “Papa, I love you” when they are not being prompt.  Or when it comes to Avery and Levi, just getting the biggest little smile from them.  Mommy’s and Daddy’s are doing a great job of teaching manners with them all.  Oh and don’t forget when one of them remind you to pray before you start eating or at bedtime.  So love that!

Once again I thank God for making this all happen and pray for a great future with our family.  Good night to all of you and will visit again soon.  -Evie

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