Summer 2018 Home Base


Our view of the sunrise out our living room window this morning.  We are now in Grand Forks for the summer to watch grand-baby #5 “Avery”.  We woke up to several robins singing to us this morning and it almost felt like our home back in Michigan.

So we pulled out of Williston yesterday around 10am, after saying “see ya later” to Ezra and Thea, and arrived in GF around 4pm. We took our time because it was the first time for towing our Yukon behind the coach and we watched it like a hawk through the rear camera.  Ha Ha!  It is amazing how much better you can see from the seat of the coach.  It’s like sitting in a semi-truck headed down the road.  By the way, it’s still a long trip between the two cities because there’s a whole lot of farm land in between.  Today we spent the day with mommy and Avery to get familiar with Avery’s routines.  Absolutely LOVE my job.

John’s sister called us this morning to inform us that their dad passed away this morning.  Michigan, here we come.  We will leave GF in the morning and arrive in MI late tomorrow.  Prayer Warriors, please keep the Avery family and friends in your prayers for traveling mercies, strength and comfort.  Love you all and thank you for everything.  We will talk soon!


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