No More Training Wheels 2018

Disappearing Training Wheels

So the past couple of weeks has been crazy busy with grand kids staying with Nana & Papa.  Both Miley and Ezra learned to ride peddle bikes without training wheels.  Ezra even did his first MotoX race back in Lincoln, MI.  Couldn’t be more proud of them.   They did GREAT!  The temps out here have been steady in the mid-high 80’s and it hasn’t been easy riding those bikes in the heat, but they were determined to learn.  By the end of three or four days, Miley started to ride one handed, tooting her bike horn and then she closed her eyes. (NO! MJ!)  keep those eyes open, Honey! LOL!  Ezra conquered the two wheels right away too.  Thank you Jayden for letting Ezra use your bike.  You’re next buddy!

Yesterday we celebrated Ezra’s 4th bday and had U. Jeff, U. Rick and A. Tammy join us.  We made a boiled dinner with that greatest fresh polish sausage from Alpena, MI and then had b-day cake for Ezra.  It was so nice to have a mini family vacation together with everyone, but this morning, everyone headed back home.  Safe travels everyone.

Can’t wait for everyone to return soon!MJ 2018.jpgEzra 2018.jpgEzra Bday.jpg

Fun memories they will never forget!  Love you all!  Most of all, thank you Jesus for making all this possible.

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