Whitewater Draw, McNeal, AZ

We stood there forever in awe of the thousands of birds that just kept coming from everywhere.  They head out early in the morning to the farmers fields to eat any grain they find left behind.  Between 11am and 1pm they return here to the Sulphur Springs Valley for a safe haven to rest.


Sandhill Cranes, Whitewater Draw, McNeal, AZ “Coming in for a landing”


Sulphur Springs Valley, AZ


Northern Shoveler

What a beautiful day!  Took our RV neighbors (Rich & Susan) with us and had a great time.  Did a tail-gate lunch, thanks to Rich & Susan who shared their lunch with us because I didn’t bring one for us.  The act of sharing is the act of caring.  Thanks again you two!

After the cranes, we took some back roads that turned into two track trails across the dessert.  The kind of environment that Jeeps are drawn to.  Couldn’t have asked for better company.  Thanks for enjoying this gorgeous day with us.  So with that said, our Jeep, “The Silver Bullet”, has been introduced  to thorns and bushes. 

Stay tuned for the next article… 

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