Well, 2018 was a turning point in our lives. We took the plunge into a new book in our lives. Being a full-time RVer scared me tremendously, but we talked about it for over 25 years and decided that now was the time even though I finally had the best job/best employers in the world. Our kids and grandkids were pulling us out West. We left Michigan in April 2018 to head out West to be with our kids. Winter will be spent in Arizona where it’ll be warmer and we don’t have to shovel off the rooftop from having 10 inches of snow. We woke up a couple times now with a skiff of snow, but it’s still a bit warmer here.

We left ND on halloween and have gone through 5 states coming South. It’s so neat to see the countryside from the windshield of an RV. You’re up high and its wide open. You can see for miles as long as there isn’t a mountain in the way. Now I know how truckers feel. You can see who’s texting and driving, and you cannot stop on a dime when people cut you off. We have seen some beautiful sites along the way. As we decided to stay put for a bit in Benson, AZ, we have been able to travel with our vehicle to different sites and take in more beauty. We also have made new life-time friends along the way in hopes that we will keep in touch and hoping to see them again someday.

As 2019 comes along, we are looking at what our future brings. New sites, new people, new campgrounds or rv resorts, and then we decided to join a group called Harvest Hosts. Looking forward to trying that out. You can look them up on the web. Its free camping for a one night stay unless the hosts allows you to stay longer. Farms, wineries, golf courses, and other attractions. Then there’s seeing our friends back home come summertime and of course going camping with our kids and grandkids. Can’t wait!

Well, Happy New Year everyone. Praying that God will protect you and guide you through your journey this year. Hoping our paths will cross once again in 2019 and may God bless you all.

Once again, remember to like, follow and share our stories. Until next time my friend….

3 thoughts on “2018/2019

  1. Hello Evelyn & John, l like what you write (sorry for my english) we are in Tucson at FarHorizon. We meet a couple from North Dakota. And Bernard speaks with them as he did with John. We mat play
    card with them. We call for a pizza Time to lunch. Havé à good Time?


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