Jeeping near Dragoon Mts

We’ve been to Council Rock three times now and will go again someday. This time we were even more blessed with even more new friends and the highlight of the day, was when we met another Native American giving a history lesson to some young Native Americans right under the pictographs on Council Rock. It was so amazing! The teacher was Charlie Onehorse from Ohitika Girls/Rez Thunder Boys in the area. He explained the pictographs to all of us and was kind enough to included us in the Q&A. He also explained that this was definitely a meeting place of negotiations between Apache Chief Cochise and General O.O. Howard for the peace treaty of 1972. Charlie does tours, so if you make it here and want a guide, full of information, look him up.

In the park where we are staying, there are many who tow a Jeep behind they’re motorhomes. So we invited them to join us on an adventure to Council Rock as we were taking another couple there, who didn’t have a vehicle capable to drive there. Wayne, Lori, John and I were in our Jeep and we had 5 other Jeeps following. What a fun time! Reminded us of being back home in Michigan, jeeping with the “Elk Country Jeepers” and enjoying those back roads. Even the times of snowmobiling with 20+ people in the U.P. at Tahquamenon Inn, Hulbert, MI, but being much warmer here in AZ. Great people and fun times is the best recipe in life. We will do another ride somewhere else in the near future hopefully with this group and hope you will join us through our posts.

Lunch Time is a great time to visit and get each other’s story. We had people from Canada, Nevada, Kansas, Virginia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and our previous residence of Michigan. Down to earth people, great stories and hearing future plans of their RV living, how fun!. Safe travels everyone… hope our paths cross again.

Some of the photos are compliments of Susan, (a dear friend), who went with us to Council Rock previously. She is a fantastic photographer who loves sharing great shots. Folks back home told me, just wait, you will meet some new friends in your adventures, but I never dreamed of meeting such great people that would become life friends, like we have.

Once again, Subscribe here, Like, Follow and Share on FaceBook and until next time my friends…. may the trails you follow, take you to great adventures.

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