Jeeping near Dragoon Mts

We’ve been to Council Rock three times now and will go again someday. This time we were even more blessed with even more new friends and the highlight of the day, was when we met another Native American giving a history lesson to some young Native Americans right under the pictographs on Council Rock. It […]

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Well, 2018 was a turning point in our lives. We took the plunge into a new book in our lives. Being a full-time RVer scared me tremendously, but we talked about it for over 25 years and decided that now was the time even though I finally had the best job/best employers in the world. […]

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Out for a Drive

We decided to go for a drive to Chiricahau National Monument yesterday only to find out that yes they are open like we researched, but only part of it is. About 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile into the park, there’s a big iron gate that is locked. It’s only about 40-45 degrees out and […]

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Whitewater Draw, McNeal, AZ

We stood there forever in awe of the thousands of birds that just kept coming from everywhere.  They head out early in the morning to the farmers fields to eat any grain they find left behind.  Between 11am and 1pm they return here to the Sulphur Springs Valley for a safe haven to rest. Sandhill […]

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the “UnknownS”

There’s definitely many “unknowns” when it comes to being a full-time RVer.  Are you going to have good neighbors in the park?  Is the management kind?  Is it going to be clean?  What’s the security like?  How many sites in the park?  Do you like big parks or small ones?  How noisy is the town […]

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German Potluck Today

Tonight John and I went to a potluck here at the resort and had a blast.  Of course you know how potlucks are, where there’s so much food you don’t know what to start with.  I tried everything that I could fit on my plate.  I made a Beef Beet Borscht Soup that my mom […]

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