Pure Beauty

Springtime in nc Spring time and all its beauty amazes me every year, no matter where I am. How do those beautiful blooms know that it’s time to open up? Why do they leave us so quickly? And why do some have such an awesome fragrance and some have none or an awful smell? I’m […]

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Being Patient & Forgiving

My entire life I have had to be patient… Having patience is so hard for me sometimes. Hunting, fishing, learning an instrument, another language or simply going through school. If I have to be someplace soon and my child is taking his or her good old time putting their shoes on, I might run out […]

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Finding Doctors Along The Way

As a full-time RVer, you really don’t think about it much, until something happens.  When your health takes a bad turn, you rely on family, friends, or the locals of the area that you’re in and the internet to find a reliable doctor.  But let me tell you, I am so blessed! Sorry that I […]

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Back in New Mexico

I wasn’t going to write until we got to our destination in Texas, but I captured something here at El Rancho Lobo RV Park that I couldn’t wait to share. Our host, Carrol, told us at check-in where everything was in the park. She also said that there is an owl that nests here, some […]

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Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Saguaro Cacti, Barrel Cacti, Prickley Pear, beautiful rocks and much more… We took a drive today and headed to Tucson, to the Saguaro National Park on the Rincon Mountain District (East) side. The Cactus Forest Loop Drive is an 8-mile drive and is so pretty. Not many animals today, although we were […]

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Pantagonia, AZ

We decided to take a drive toward Pantagonia because we were told it was a unique area. We were surprised at how much housing there was along the way. As we drove along, there was so much to look at. Pantagonia is a very small town of about 900 residents, is over 4000 feet of […]

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